Reverse PoE Fiber Switch (7+1) 10/100 with Battery Backup

Reverse PoE Fiber Switch (7+1) 10/100 with Battery Backup
Product Description
8Port 10/100 Reverse PoE Fiber Switch which has latest generation of fast Ethernet Reverse PoE Switching technology. It contains 7 Port (10/100) Downlink Port, 1Port (10/100) Uplink Port(Fiber).

v Switch has intelligent power management feature solving a major problem of powering the device for ISPs.

v This switch can be powered using remote power from customer end using special designed PoE of OPL or any standard PoE 24V – 0.5Amp.

v This eliminates the need to arrange for power at building top and no UPS is needed and no money to be paid to the society, to provide power from switchto the customers.

v This saves lot of money for ISPs and improves service delivery as there is no dependency on any one and any customer switching on PoE will provide power to the switch.

The feature of port isolation is implemented in this unit where in the Ethernet Data of the uplink port can be transferred to any of the downlink ports but the individual downlink port cannot communicate with each other.

We provide surge protection on each port to protect against high voltage surge on data ports or Uplink ports.

Switch has a special feature of batterey backup upto 48 Hrs 

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